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Expert Witness - Ongoing
I was the US Government's expert witness for software development issues in the case of Microsoft Corporation versus Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the largest tax case ever brought in any country in history.  I have consulted in over 30 cases, primarily dealing with technology issues, and including airline liability, aerial surveillance, engineering contract performance standards, software company valuation, appropriate software industry compensation, kinematics, and software design.

Patent Review- Ongoing
I have acted as a patent consultant for the US Government and private firms, including reviewing patents for applicability to various cases and for intrinsic value.

Systems Consultant, Kinko’s, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Ventura, CA
I developed Visual Basic and ACCESS database tools for analysis of payroll and compensation issues related to corporate mergers and restructuring.

Systems Consultant, Allied Signal Corporation
I designed and wrote an automated requirements traceability matrix tool for NASA’s International Space Station Alpha engineering support.  The tool featured a parser and database engine, and was developed in ACCESS and VBA.

Infogenesis Corporation
I developed a range of software to support electronic cash registers for the restaurant and hospitality industry, including IBM 4680 Store Systems, PCs, and AS-400s.  Applications include database, systems, installation configuration management, exception handling.  (C, BASIC, Visual BASIC, ACCESS).

Independent Consultant, Senior Scientist with Morton Associates, Inc.
I wrote Oil Spill Emergency and Contingency Plans (OSCEPs) and related documents.  I was the Senior Scientist and Principal Author of the OSCEPs for 8 offshore oil platforms operated by Chevron.  I did process-plant risk analyses and wrote oil spill emergency response software and training multimedia presentations on Macintoshes and PCs using Macromind Director;.  I authored the Commercial Fisheries Handbook for Proposed Exploratory Drilling Operations, Cavern Point Unit, and was a contributing scientist in related documents.

Independent Consultant   Projects included:

  • I wrote INSP, an air quality regulatory compliance Management Information System for Unocal, Inc.
  • I wrote the computer program, ECNA, Enhanced Criminal Network Analysis, for Anacapa Sciences, using extensive configuration management under PVCS.  ECNA is used by over 10,000 law enforcement personnel worldwide.

Member of Technical Staff, General Research Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA and McLean, VA
Strategic Defense Initiative Office [SDIO], Arlington, VA

  • Analysis of Soviet nuclear and conventional land/air threats and NATO and SDIO responses.
  • Signal detection analysis.  Research on the system dynamics of the formation of dissident, terrorist, and criminal groups, based on management science and critical systems approaches.
  • Computer simulation of heat flow, magnetic fields, electromagnetic scattering, and neutron transport.
  • Numeric-based AI analysis of electrophysiologic data and other observable human signals, including facial microgestures and voice spectral and discourse content.
  • Counterintelligence Instructor

Independent Consultant   Projects included:

  • Systems analysis of missile range safety software for Vandenberg AFB (Control Data Corp.)
  • In-Flight maneuverability testing, AGM-86 and AGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles (Edwards, Kirtland AFB)
  • Software development for an optical measurement system (Nanometrics, Inc.)
  • Hardware/software engineering for military infrared detector testing (Santa Barbara Research Corp.)
  • Software development for a color touch screen computer (Santa Barbara Laboratories).
  • Deterministic simulation of fire control system for the M-1 tank (Delco Systems, Goleta)
  • Simulation of power characteristics for the Lycoming O-235 aircraft engine (Santa Barbara Designs)

Independent Consultant

  • Development of shipboard fire control software [AN-SLQ-32], Raytheon, Santa Barbara
  • Development of real estate multiple listing database and print management software, DA-Com, Santa Barbara

Senior Programmer, ITT Federal Electric Corp., Vandenberg AFB, CA, Pillar Point AFS, CA
Development of missile range safety and auto-destruct software

Senior Programmer, Informatics, Inc., Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Pasadena, CA
Development of telemetry and command software for support of NASA deep space probes from the world-wide Deep Space Network [DSN] antenna array.

Physicist, Rockwell International Science Center, Thousand Oaks, CA
Microwave remote sensing.  Mössbauer studies of lunar rock samples from Apollos 11 and 12.  Microwave studies of the earth’s atmosphere.  Studies of crystal growth in gels.

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