Wayne B. Norris Software Engineering Capabilities

Although I am primarily a manager, I keep current in the technologies used by my staff.  I recently acted as a software development consultant, using Visual Basic, Access, C, C++, and Assembler, and specializing in database and GUI design and in operations analysis. My most recent experience includes developing Access databases for a large nonprofit organization and for the Human Resources department of Kinko's, Inc. Corporate Offices in Ventura, CA, where I also acted as a compensation analyst. I have also worked recently as a consultant developing telephone voice response systems and other types of software in Visual Basic and C. My earlier career included older computer languages, including FORTRAN, LISP, COBOL, Pascal, numerous assembly languages, and embedded firmware for the 80186 and 8088 chips.  Since I began writing software in 1959 at the age of 12, I have written software in 29 languages on 27 different operating systems. 

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In addition to writing software, I have managed 6 software engineering departments and created three for different firms. In this work, I wrote three complete sets of software development procedures for the companies involved, and participated in certification programs for both ISO-9001 and SEI [Software Engineering Institute] Level 3.

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