Wayne B. Norris Management Capabilities

I have been doing corporate and project management over a 19 year period.

I previously acted as CEO and Principal Investigator for BOSSgov, Inc. and Chief Scientist for the BOSSdev and DefenderTech family of companies.  Our projects include the creation of a system for detecting hidden explosive devices in luggage, in vehicles, at roadside locations, and in cargo containers.  I also manage a maintenance, logistics, and repair database integration and data mining software effort for the US Army.

I was previously President and Chief Financial Officer of Offshore Creations, Inc., [http://www.OffshoreCreations.com], a publicly traded 130-person software development firm with campuses in 4 countries on two continents.  We created software for approximately two world-wide dozen customers in the areas of website design, device drivers, business applications, and animation.  The firm was sold to BOSSdev.

I am the Principal of Norris Associates (http://www.Norris-Associates.com).  My Associates and I perform Expert Witness and senior level consulting services for the legal, technology, and business community.  We also provide accounting and management consulting for a variety of customers.

I was previously Senior Product Manager for 3DStockCharts.com (http://www.3dstockcharts.com), which currently serves over 1600 companies. 3DStockCharts.com produces real-time 3-D renderings of zero-delay full-book bid/asked prices for stocks on the world's major Electronic Communication Networks [ECNs] including NASDAQ/NYSE/Instinet and ARCA-EX using ultra-thin client-side browsers. I was responsible for determining product and engineering content, creating software development life cycle procedures, qualifying and managing outsourcing and distributed development resources, and coordinating engineering standards.   I also created numerous utility patent applications.

I was formerly Research & Development Manager for Biopac Systems, Inc. of Goleta, CA (http://www.biopac.com). Biopac manufactures a line of medical instruments for research and education. Biopac's product line includes equipment to monitor and record over 40 electrophysiologic channels including heartbeat, EEG, EKG, EMG, plethysomgraph, and numerous others.  In this position, I managed a group of 11 engineers and others developing and testing software and hardware, including three working remotely from Russia.  I was also responsible for launching the company Intranet, establishing the Quality Assurance department, developing software development life cycle procedures, including ISO 9001 procedures, establishing a company Internship program, introducing Version Control to our ISO 9001 system, and determining compensation strategies, bonus award practices, and related HR policies.

I was previously Vice President of Emulation Systems, Inc. of Santa Maria, CA. The company built simulators for aircraft and trucks, for use in the training and entertainment markets. Our products included FAA certificated simulators for Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft, plus realistic simulators for the F-18, Cessna 210, and Beech 19 series of aircraft, the Hughes 500 series helicopters, as well as truck-mounted spray-boom applicators. All simulators had full-featured, high-resolution terrain graphics and full control loading, as well as full Jeppeson navaid and terminal databases. I was in charge of Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, and Customer Support.

For the 5½ years prior to working at Emulation Systems, I was Vice President of Science & Technology and Chief Technical Officer of Typhoon Software, Inc., of Santa Barbara, CA, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Agana, Guam. Typhoon at the time was the world's largest outsourcer of Russian technical talent. In the 5½ years I was with Typhoon, we grew from 5 to 55 engineers and produced 57 software projects for 40 customers, including 7 Fortune 500 companies. We worked in the Windows, UNIX, Mac, and AS-400 environments, in a wide variety of areas, including telephony, databases, voice recognition, multimedia, device drivers, and many others.

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