Wayne B. Norris
Expert Witness in Software Industry Issues, Intellectual Property, and Technology

I have served the legal community in the role of an expert witness and appraiser of technology since 1985, and have assisted in more than 50 cases since that time.  My expert witness practice constitutes less than 15% of my total practice.  In over 90% of the cases in which I have participated,  verdicts were rendered that were favorable to the parties with whom I worked.  Download my CV in PDF format.

Expert Witness Areas:

  • Software industry issues, including practices, responsibilities, financing, and responsibility
  • Appraisal and valuation of hardware and software assets
  • Software industry subcontracting standards and practices
  • Wage and working condition issues in the software and IT sectors
  • Aerial law enforcement surveillance practices
  • Outsourcing, including domestic and international
  • Management practices in engineering, science, research & development, and technology
  • Aircraft operations [I am an FAA rated Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor, and Parachute Rigger]
  • Patent and Trade Secret issues
  • General physics, dynamics, and mechanics
  • Neutron and gamma ray physics
  • Hazardous materials, oil spills, and industrial safety
  • Related issues

In my largest case, I was asked to be the US Government's expert witness for software development issues in the multi-year case of Microsoft Corporation versus Commissioner of Internal Revenue [US Tax Court Docket Number 16878-96], the largest tax case ever litigated in history.  The case involved the world's 48 largest software firms, with Microsoft's acting as the lead plaintiff.  I authored four expert witness reports that were admitted into the record, and testified for approximately 7 hours, including voire dire, direct, cross, redirect, and recross.  I was the principal architect of the Government's technical approach toward interpretation of IRC 927(c) in the case of software.  The verdict, $1.7 billion against all 48 companies, was the largest tax verdict in history.  Upon qualified request, any or all of the expert witness reports and a transcript of the full testimony will be provided for examination.

I have also acted as a patent consultant for the US Government and private firms, reviewing patents for applicability to various cases and for intrinsic financial value. I hold the following patents

• US 7,573,044 B2 Remote Detection Of Explosive Substances GRANTED 8/11/09 - Priority 7/18/06
• US 8,080,808 Remote Detection Of Explosive Substances (CIP 7,573,044) GRANTED 12/20/2011
• US 8,288,734 Remote Detection Of Explosive Substances CIP GRANTED 10/16/2012
• US 8,357,910 Background Signal Reduction In Neutron Fluorescence… GRANTED 1/22/2013
• US 8,410,451 Neutron Fluorescence with Synchronized Gamma Detector GRANTED 4/2/2013
• US 8,785,864 Low-Cost, Organic-Scintillator Compton Gamma Ray Telescope GRANTED 6/22/2014 [with K.N. Ricci, B. Paden]
• US 62305645 Method and System for Trading Low Priced Short Term Securities Option Contracts That Exhibit Specified Behaviors, PENDING 3/9/2016
• US 62307986 Securities Trading Exchanges To Support the Sale and Exercise of Low Priced Short Term Securities Option Contracts That Exhibit Specified Behaviors, PENDING 3/14/2016
• US 62307999 Method and Process To Support the Sale and Exercise of a Series of Low Price Securities Option Contracts To Achieve Specified Premium Price Values, PENDING 3/14/2016 s

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