Wayne B. Norris Environmental and Safety Engineering Experience and Capabilities

ENVIRONMENTAL WORK: I was Chief Scientist for the firm that produced the Oil Spill Contingency and Emergency Plans [OSCEPs] for the Chevron oil platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel, one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the world, and a principal author of those Plans.

I served in a similar capacity for the OSCEP for the over-300-mile Kettleman-Los Medanos-Richmond ["KLMR"] pipeline running thru the backbone of California's San Joaquin Valley.  I performed scientific work on Santa Barbara's coastal Phillips Gas Plant abandonment project, California's Estero Bay coastal oil tanker terminal, and the Gosford production field in Bakersfield, CA.  I created a fluid flow mathematical simulation using the Navier Stokes equation for predicting spill volume prior to response for varying pipeline topologies, puncture geometries, oil gravities, and oil temperatures.  I created a current, wind, and bathymetry mathematical simulation of land and ocean oil surface spreading.  I created a seismic damage simulation for oil related facilities.

I also did preliminary studies for possible LNG transport accidents from Valdez, Alaska to Yokohama, Japan, as well as numerous other oil and gas related projects.  These OSCEPs and plans were responsive to regulations of the EPA, DOT, DOE, MMS, FAA, NTSB, USCG, California Department of Fish & Game, OSHA, numerous local APCDs and AQMDs, and the California State Lands Commission.

I  wrote the Commercial Fisheries Handbook for Proposed Exploratory Drilling Operations, Cavern Point Unit, the MMS-required handbook describing the relationship between oil activities and the 46 distinct fisheries in the Santa Barbara area [I had previously worked as a commercial sea urchin diver in the same waters].  I developed INSP, the relational database management computer software system for air pollution maintenance and monitoring used by Unocal's northern Santa Barbara oil facilities.  I also performed economic analysis of Unocal's California properties sale to Torch Petroleum and Venoco, Inc.

I worked on pipeline safety studies for Pacific Offshore Operators International [POOI], and I developed and taught oil spill and emergency response classes for Shell Western Exploration and Production [SWEPI].

I was part of the team that produced California’s first Environmental Impact Report, in 1971,for Ventura County’s Ormond Beach power plant.  The report was responsive the California Environmental Quality Act [CEQA], which was the model for the National Environmental Protection Act [NEPA], enacted shortly thereafter.  I later did hazardous materials analysis at Vandenberg Air Force Base relating to Minuteman missile launches and rocket fuel spill and storage problems [unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine, nitrogen tetroxide, ammonia, and entrained water vapor].  Soon after, I formed my own company to do environmental work, doing projects that included Los Angeles’s Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant ocean outfall next to Los Angeles International Airport, residential developments in the City of Carpinteria, CA, and a nuclear power plant for the Omaha, Nebraska Public Power District [OPPD] [never built].

I performed sedimentation and drilling plume analysis for the Exxon Tanner Bank exploratory drilling project, and did North Sea oil exploration impact studies for the Government of Scotland, including wave height and wind speed statistical models.

Earlier, I worked as  an oilfield diver/tender on the SEDCO 702 semisubmersible rig for Petroleo do Brasil [PetroBras] in the Compos offshore oilfield in Brazil.

SAFETY ENGINEERING: I have performed numerous engineering activities directed toward safety issues, including writing hundreds of documents explaining the safe and proper use of equipment and procedures to diverse audiences. These audiences included the general public, the aviation community, the petroleum industry, the aerospace community, and the computer community.

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