Wayne B. Norris Accounting Capabilities

I've been doing accounting since 1997, specializing in QuickBooks Online and TurboTax for Business. I took 130-person international software company, Offshore Creations, Inc., [http://www.OffshoreCreations.com], public on US markets using QuickBooks Online. Highlights of my experience are shown below.

President and Chief Financial Officer, The Daily Shake, Inc., 2013 - 2015

I created the accounting system, set up the tax, payroll, closing, and cash management processes, wrote custom payroll software, and ran all accounting operations.

Interim President, CFO,DNI family of companies 2010 - 2011

DNI was one of the largest Internet domain names registrars and provider of related services. I restructured the corporate finances, reinvented the corporate presence, created a subsidiary corporation for upsell and cross-sell product lines, and created three product brands.

President, CFO, Board Member, Offshore Creations, Inc., 2003 2005 [acquired by BOSSdev, Inc.]

OSC was a publicly traded 130-person US-based multinational software firm supplying IT products and ser-vices, web services, and static art and animation to over 100 US and European customers, including Disney, Warner Brothers, the DHS, US Navy, US Army, the German Air Force, and Brunswick Corporation. The firm also operated a charitable orphanage, Orphans Hope, in Crimea [www.OrphansHope.org]. I took the company public and ran all accounting and financial operations, writing all the SEC filings for our SEC Forms 10-K and 15(c)211.

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